2019 - Jan 9

BBC General Meeting Minutes for January 9, 2019

Call to order: 6:30 pm

Motion to accept minutes for December, 2018 minutes after change made to correct that Bee packages will be ordered Feb-March, and delivered late April or May, 2019
1) Alex Duran 2) Martin Rowe

Guest speakers

(1) Tim Ferrell from Berry Patch Farms discussed new project that he would like to have BBC assist with education and with assisting with construction of the new structure. Dave Swanson and Martin Rowe are assisting with construction plans and will provide more information when it is available

(2) Dave Johnson discussed and showed slides of a project using African Bees to deter elephants from destroying crops. So far, it is successful. He is wanting to ask BBC to donate funds to assist with the project. Dave Swanson will provide more information when it is available.


Old Business:

1. Bee insurance information will be discussed and voted on at the February meeting. The cost will be $250.00 per year.
2. New Officers for a two year term are Dave Swanson as President and Becki McConnell as Secretary. There were no other candidates so per bylaws, no election is needed.
3. Dues are due both by either PayPal or payment in person with an application per person either as primary or associate members.
4. Feeding bees with options were discussed. Check on your bees to see if there is enough food in the hive.
5. Changes in the Constitution was presented and accepted. Issues to change bylaws can be made at any time, but changes in the Constitution have to be made and presented at the November meeting and voted on the following January.


New Business:

1. Pollination project for Brighton was presented by Dave Swanson. They are asking for participation by the BBC and asking for a donation also from the club.


Motion to adjourn at 8:30pm: 

(1) Alex Duran (2) Jennifer Perry


There were 20 primary members and 2 associate members in attendance.

Becki McConnell, Secretary