2018 - Sep 12

Brighton Bee Club Meeting Minutes for September 12, 2018


Call to order: by Dan Rau at 6:35 pm

Approve August 8, 2018 minutes, motion made by 1) Steve McGraw 2) Dan McConnell

Minutes approved with no corrections made.

Old Business:

  1. Adams County Fair recap was presented by Dan Rau and Becki McConnell. Thanks to everyone that assisted. The overall numbers for attendance was down by 1,000 people.
  2. CSBA Fall/Winter meeting is scheduled for October 25 & 26, at the Castle Rock Fairgrounds. We need better club participation. Friday, Oct 25 is the meet and greet session and possibly tasting Mead. The main meeting along with the honey tasting contest will be Saturday October 26. We will give out more information once it becomes available.
  3. Dan Rau gave an update on the mite counts and what treatments have been used. Using the Mite-A-Way strips, 2 queens have been lost at present. The 2nd annual Mite-A-Thon is currently going on thru September 15. Remember that the bees need 2 deep boxes to make it thru the winter, and the rest is ours.
  4. Swimming pool issues brought by Alex Duran last month has been tabled by the BOD until more information is available. The swimming pool in Brighton is close to where some of the club hives are now located.
  5. The 2nd part of the Beekeeping 101 class is scheduled for Sept 18, at 9:00 here. The afternoon portion of the class is the be held at the Berry Patch Farms at 1:00. Cost is $50, and you must have attended part 1to attend this class. Lunch will not be provided.

New Business:

  1. The American Bee Federation meeting will be held in January, 2019 in Myrtle Beach, NC.
  2. The American Honey production will be held in Phoenix , Az on the same dates.
  3. The World Bee Federation meeting will be in Montreal Canada in September, 2019. More information will be provided once it is available.

Adjourn: at 7:00 after motion made by 1) Steve McGraw 2) Thad Gourd

Thad Gourd gave a Flow Hive frame demonstration, along with the demonstration of the plastic Api Mae hive.

Becki McConnell gave a presentation and demonstration of How to Taste and Evaluate Honey. There are 21 entries of personal honey that will be evaluated and judged by all once the demo is completed. Dan Rau will post the results of the club evaluations in the newsletter.

        21 entries in the honey contest of which there were 18 places awarded (there were some ties).  The top 3 finishers were:

        1st and 3rd place went to Alex Duran.

        2nd place to Jason Pardikes