2018 - June 13




Minutes to accept May 9 meeting to change dates from Adams County Fair to August 1-5, 2018. Motion 1) Steve McGraw, 2) Jennifer Perry.

Guest speaker : Miles McGaughey talked about “How to Increase Honey production. Miles also presented package Bees being filled in California prior to being shipped.


  1. Special election was held for Treasurer. Michael Biglen was nominated. No other names presented. Motion to accept Michael as new treasurer by 1) Dan McConnell 2) Terry Dorsey. Voting was unanimous. Michael is now new Treasurer.
  2. Swarm update; No more swarms noted. Swarm hotline error was noted and is awaiting re-recording.
  3. Mentoring program doing well.
  4. Update on package installations April 28.Report was given, overall doing well after group answered on how their bees were doing.
  5. Please see Becki McConnell if you received request to finish completing applications. Several are still on list.
  6. Club hives: 2 are at Berry patch, includes 1 top bar hive, at Bromley site, 2 langstroms and 1 top Bar were installed by Dave Swanson and Alex Duran. Thank you for the hard work Alex!


  1. Summary of SCBA Summer meeting held June 9-10 was given by Becki McConnell. Those that attended had a great time. Michael Biglen won a bottle of Honey Mead, Dan & Becki McConnell each won $10 gift certificates to miller Bee Company. Fall meeting will be held in Castle Rock Fairgrounds on October 26-28, 2018. More information will be passed on to all members. We need a better turnout to support our State Bee Association.
  2. Adams County is August 1-5. Many people who were hesitant to assist last year had a great time talking about bees. We teach others and we learn information also. We will have a sign-up list at the next meeting, or you can e-mail Dan Rau or Becki McConnell with your availability. There will be a honey Fair on Friday, August 3, from 5-8 pm. You must enter before the fair starts.
  3. Mite monitoring: Every bee keeper should be testing for mites, either with the alcohol or powdered sugar shake methods. If you have questions or need help, please contact one of the officers to assist you.
  4. Colorado Bee Mentoring Program was presented by Thad, and application forms were given out. If you have questions, let Thad Gourd know.

Motion to adjourn made by Martin Rowe, 2) Steve McGraw

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm

Respectfully, Becki McConnell, Secretary