2018 - April 11


Call to order by Dan Rau at 6:35pm.

Guest speaker, Dave Baker, from To Bee or Not to Bee, spoke on Mite treatments. Talk ended at 7:55, 10 min. break then returned to meeting.


  1. Dan McConnell, covering for Becki McConnell, thanked volunteers who assisted with the Brighton Spring Festival on March 31, 2018.
  1. Dan McConnell reminded members that membership dues are due in order to make payments to CSBA by May 1, 2018. Membership roster will be purged of those who have not paid their dues for 2018.
  1. Dan Rau discussed swarm season, provided sign-up sheets for the dispatch list or as a helper.
  1. Dan Rau talked about Beekeeping 101 class. !7 people attended class. He also donated $160 to the Brighton Bee Club from the proceeds of the class fees.
  1. Martin Rowe talked about Mentoring Program for anyone needing a mentor to please sign up with him. He encouraged new beekeepers to sign up in order to provide 1 on 1 education and assistance.
  1. Dan Rau talked about bee packages being delivered on Saturday, April 28 at Adams County Fairgrounds. All packages are sold out. Dave Baker is also sold out.
  1. Dan Rau discussed the 4H project. We will need volunteers to assist with the program, Dan will update information when it is available.

New Business:

  1. Brighton Bee Club has a booth at the 9 Health Fair in Commerce City on Saturday, April 21. We need volunteers to pass out information and educate the public about Bees.
  1. Brighton Bee club had equipment donated by Jerry and Barb Kaufmann as they are no longer keeping bees. The club will loan equipment out to


  1.  Thad Gourd showed pictures of wax moths that are available to look at   

       after the meeting.

  1. Next meeting is scheduled for May 9th at the Adams County Extension office at 6:30pm

Door Prizes:

    The items were donated by the following:


  1. Dave Baker from TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE donated one Beekeeping 101 class.
  1. Dan Rau from THE BEEKEEPERS DEN donated one leather Hive Tool Holder and one Hive Tool.


 Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

After the meeting, Dan Rau demonstrated how to install bee packages into hives

Dan McConnell, for Becki McConnell, Secretary